Immigration Lawyers in Miami, Florida


Arias Villa Law: Why Hire A Miami Immigration Attorney?

Becoming a U.S. citizen or obtaining a green card is the dream of many immigrants across the country. It can often seem like a confusing and sometimes stressful task, and for many, being deported is a constant fear.



The great news is that there are proven legal paths to obtaining citizenship or receiving a green card. If you’re in Miami, Florida, the Arias Villa Law Firm can provide a immigration attorney or immigration lawyer to assess your options and develop a comprehensive plan of action.





“Obtaining citizenship” actually refers to the legal process known as “naturalization.” A foreign citizen can, once they meet the necessary criteria as listed in the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), look forward to a bright future as a citizen of the United States. Though the actual criteria are very intricate, the main requirements for this process include:



• The ability to read, write and speak English
• Proof of steady residence and physical presence in the United States
• A knowledge of important facts about American history
• An understanding of the way the United States government works
• A willingness to pledge allegiance to the United States
• Moral character and a positive disposition toward the United States



If you’re looking to sit down with deportation lawyers or immigration attorneys to discuss naturalization in greater detail, don’t hesitate to contact Arias Villa Law right away.



Green-Card Lawyer Services

A United States Permanent Resident Card, or “Green Card,” is the most immediate route to legal residence for many immigrants entering the country. There are a few different ways you can obtain one, either from family or through employment, and a green-card lawyer can help you identify the best option.



Obtaining A Green Card Through Family

If you have family members that are U.S. citizens or are permanent residents, they can petition on your behalf to receive a green card. Spouses, children, parents and siblings can all apply. Yet, you need the services and the analysis of an immigration attorney to make sure that you are eligible to receive a green card here in the United States.

Each case is circumstantial. It is not unheard of for petitions to require months or even years to process. This is why it’s vital to begin looking at all of your options and the paperwork required as soon as possible.

Obtaining A Green Card From Employment

It is possible to become a permanent resident through means of securing a job. Similar to obtaining a green card through family, this method requires a petition through a work sponsor, as well as a Labor Certification.

In order to receive a Labor Certification, a work sponsor must demonstrate that no other permanent residents or U.S. citizens are willing or able to take the job. It’s a process that’s closely monitored, so your immigration attorney will need all relevant legal information to ensure your paperwork contains no mistakes or missing details.

There are many cases, however, when a Labor Certification isn’t required. Those who have a knowledge, skill or expertise that could potentially benefit the United States might have the option to skip the Certification through what is known as a National Interest Waiver. Contact us for more info.

Arias Villa Law Can Provide An Experienced Immigration Attorney

If you need a green card, of if you’d like to become an American citizen, it may be in your best interest to consult a Miami immigration lawyer quickly. In these cases, each moment is precious, and it’s important to complete all steps correctly the first time.

With Arias Villa Law, we offer the information and guidance you need to apply for permanent residence or citizenship. If you need a immigration attorney Miami, or if you have questions about immigration Miami law, give us a call at 305-671.0018 or 305-233-3110.