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Seek Work In The US Through Employment-Based Petitions

Getting an employment-based petition can be overwhelming. The law can be intricate, the paperwork can be dense and your documentation must be complete. Additionally, if you fill out or file your employment-based petition application improperly, it could get delayed or outright denied, hurting your chances of living and working in the United States long-term.

Arias Villa Law is here to help you work through the process to make sure your application and paperwork are meet the requirements so you can achieve your immigration employment goals.

Why You Need An Experienced Immigration Attorney

For a better chance at success, immigrants wanting to work long-term in the United States should hire a knowledgeable U.S. immigration attorney. I have been handling employment-based petitions for many years. I can ensure that:

  • Your applications are complete
  • Your documentation is accurate
  • All proper legal processes are followed

If you or a loved one want to work in the United States, you need an experienced immigration lawyer who understands the employment-based petition process. Have additional questions? I am more than happy to answer any you may have.

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Whether you’re working to financially support loved ones or keep a roof over your head, I am committed to ensuring your success. From my Miami, Florida, office, I take time to review your case, understand your unique situation and work diligently to help you reach your immigration goals. Wish to set up a consultation? Call 305-233-3110 or email us by filling out our contact form.