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4 tips for preparing for a citizenship interview 

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2023 | Immigration Law

You are eligible for the naturalization process and have filed your application online, and now it’s time for your interview and tests. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) significantly uses this step to determine whether an application is approved or declined. 

For this reason, you should be prepared for the interview. Here are four tips to help you:

1. Find study materials

The USCIS offers applicants naturalization tests and study materials for the English and civic tests to help them prepare. You will have access to videos, flashcards, pocket study guides and interactive practice tests. 

Further, you will find updates on civic test answers that may change due to an election or appointment. These materials can be accessed in English, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, Tagalog, Spanish and Arabic. 

2. Gather your documents

It’s a good impression when you have all documents during your citizenship interview. Examples include the completed online form, permanent resident card, appointment notice and a second identification form, be it a state-issued identification card, passport or driver’s license, among others. Put all the documents in a folder, and double-check before leaving the house.

3. Dress comfortably

You don’t need to dress formally when going for your interview. However, being comfortable is essential. You want to look professional but relaxed. A business casual look may work.

4. Be on time

When sending the appointment notice, the USCIS will specify the date and time of your interview. It will be best to arrive on time, perhaps 30 minutes early. This gives you enough time to complete the check-in process and relax, awaiting the interview and tests.

You should be prepared for your citizenship interview. It will be best to obtain adequate information on what documents to carry and what to expect.