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Will losing your job cost you your work visa?

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2022 | Business Visas

Entering the United States for work on a non-immigrant visa is a common practice. Many of the people who pursue professional opportunities in the United States eventually get a green card and become permanent residents. Some of those workers will eventually become naturalized citizens.

There are numerous non-immigrant work visa programs that apply to individuals in a broad range of careers, especially those that require experience and education. Professionals ranging from entertainers to medical specialists can secure a visa and enter the United States based on their profession and their education.

Maybe your employer is about to open an office in the United States, or perhaps you have a job offer from a domestic company. There are numerous visa programs that would allow you to legally enter the country and remain here for years. If you lose your job, will you need to immediately leave the country?

There is a grace period for those with many work visas

There are numerous different kinds of work visas, and different rules apply to each of them. However, for a number of skilled visa programs, including L-1, O-1 and H-1B visas, workers don’t have to worry about immediate removal from the country after losing a job unexpectedly.

They have 60 days in which to make alternate arrangements and avoid the end of their visa and the obligation to leave the country. Although two months may not be much time to locate a job in a very competitive industry, it is better than the alternative, which would mean going back to your country of origin and starting the search from scratch while there.

Are there other options after losing your job?

Individuals with a work visa worried about their removal from the country or other consequences of an unexpected termination may have other options available to them.

Those who have been in the country for years could qualify for a green card. Some people may have family circumstances that could provide grounds for a different kind of visa. Others may realize it is time to end their engagement and get married so that they won’t have to leave their partner.